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Our history

We have been helping people plan for their future since 1881.

1881 - The Scottish Life Assurance Company Ltd was set up by:

  • Mr David Paulin - Managing Director - was sole Superintendent of Agencies of the Scottish Provident Institution
  • John Cowan - Chairman of the Board of Directors - Head of Alex Cowan & Sons, papermakers
  • James Sorley - actuary - FFA, FIA of the Life Association of Scotland

They were paid 300 a year and clerks were paid 30.

1918 - The company was now well established. Many employees were called up to the 1st world war, leaving positions vacant. Women were employed for the first time.

Post war recovery allowed Scottish Life to 'proudly claim that it never failed to declare a bonus, even in the years of war'.

1945 - Business started to rapidly expand.

1967 - Scottish Life became a mutual.

2001 - Scottish Life transferred its business to The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society.

2013 - Scottish Life post record new business figures.

2014 - Scottish Life will be changing to Royal London. Find out more.

Updated July 2014

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