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Back Office Guide

Users of most back office systems can get instant valuations for our pensions and bonds.

These back office systems have been designed to ease the pressures of administration and compliance, allowing you to see a client's entire financial portfolio and freeing up more of your time to give clients the advice they are looking for.

Plus they link directly in to our system, so for each policy you can view:

  • the current policy value
  • the value of the underlying funds
  • the number of units held in each fund.

Products you can view

This service can be used with the following Scottish Life products:

Personal Pensions Group Pensions Bonds
Pension Portfolio Retirement Solutions Group Personal Pension Capital Investment Bond

Talisman Personal Pension Plan Talisman Group Pension Plan Capital Trust
Personal Pension Investment Plan Retirement Solutions Group Stakeholder Plan
Talisman Income Drawdown Plan Talisman Personal Pension Plan
Pension Portfolio Section 32 Buy Out Plan Retirement Solutions Company Pension Scheme
Talisman Section 32 Buy Out Plan
Talisman FSAVC Pension Plan
Individual Executive Plan
Talisman Executive Pension Plan
Executive Pension Investment Plan

Back office providers we support

  • Quay Software (Capita)
  • 2Plan
  • IntelliFlo
  • Avelo
  • True Potential
  • Plum Software
  • JCS
  • Best Practice
  • Assyst

Help and Support

If you need help getting started or once you’re up and running, our web support team are only an email or phone call away if you have any problems or questions.

Call them on 0845 60 50 401 or email them at


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