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Our Investment Options

Our range of investment options aims to make it easy for you to meet your client's needs.

Monitoring and updating your client's pension investments can be time consuming. Not only are you subject to onerous TCF responsibilities to ensure the ongoing suitability of your advice, you also have to try and achieve this within a limited budget. Not easy in the current climate.

That's why our new range of investment options aims to make this process as simple and transparent as possible.

You'll find a summary of the options available below. There's more detailed information in Pension investment options - a clear and simple guide. Investment returns may fluctuate and are not guaranteed, you could get back less than the amount paid in.

Governed Range

Governed Portfolios

Our award-winning Governed Portfolios are a range of off-the-shelf investment solutions built for customers looking to save into a pension. We have nine risk graded portfolios designed to take care of ongoing suitability requirements to help you comply with TCF principles. All come with regular governance reviews and auto rebalancing at no extra charge. You can also change the default equity fund to any available within our range.

Lifestyle Range

Fixed - Our range of risk graded governed lifestyle strategies means it's easier to choose which one suits your client's requirements.

Flexible - If you want to offer a more tailored service you can create your own lifestyle strategy within our framework. This includes a choice of equity fund manager at each stage of the strategy with further options at retirement.

Governed Retirement Income Portfolios

We have introduced a new range of Governed Retirement Income Portfolios designed exclusively for customers taking regular income from their Pension Portfolio using Income Release.

There are five Governed Retirement Income Portfolios to choose from depending on the client's attitude to risk.

All come with the same expert governance and automatic updates that the Governed Portfolios benefit from to help keep the portfolios on track.

Fund Range

Core Investments

Choose from a wide range of over 160 funds, from 29 fund managers, with the option to select auto-rebalancing. This includes a range of risk graded multi asset fund of funds run by leading discretionary fund managers, 7IM, Brooks Macdonald, Schroders and Rathbones.

Our Matrix funds are a range of equity funds which come with added governance as standard.

Self Investments

You can access a fund supermarket, share dealing service and all other permitted investments you would expect within our Pension Portfolio contract, including UK commercial property. Additional charges apply for these services.

Custom Range

There are two options within our custom range. You can customise our governed range and make it available to your clients. This means they can benefit from regular governance reviews and automatic updates at no extra cost.

Alternatively you can create your own bespoke branded, static portfolio of funds or lifestyle programmes, with your choice of rebalancing frequency, asset allocation and funds from our range.

External Investment Solutions

We've extended our range of investment solutions to include 15 funds, from 4 leading discretionary fund managers - 7IM, Rathbones, Brooks MacDonald and Schroders.

They will not only provide you and your clients with access to a risk controlled, diversified investment solution but also provide an alternative to platforms, where an off-platform solution is suitable.

Learn more about our External Investment Solutions

Updated August 2014

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