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Our investment options range from the relatively simple 'off-the-shelf' choice of portfolios to a fully customised solution.

We've built the following features into our range...

  • Independent risk profiling based on proven statistical modelling
  • A range of lifestyle strategies - with asset allocation matched to client risk profiles
  • The option to use our framework to create your own lifestyle strategy

At Scottish Life, we recognise that your job has never been easy. And today it can be more difficult than ever before. This is particularly true when it comes to advising your clients on investment.

Making your life easier

Monitoring and updating your client's pension investments can take up valuable time and resource, making it difficult to meet TCF responsibilities cost effectively.

We want to do our part to make your life easier - and your business more successful. Our new range of options aims to do just that. In our opinion, they make choosing and monitoring investments simpler and more transparent than ever before.

We've ensured that each of our options is based on a robust process of risk assessment, asset allocation, fund choice and review and governance. So you can be sure that the investment choice continues to remain appropriate for the chosen level of risk.

The benefits

  • Online risk questionnaire
    You can use the risk questionnaire as a starting point to establish your client's attitude to risk, and match them to an appropriate investment option.
  • Rebalancing and lifestyling
    By adding rebalancing your client's investment choice will remain constantly in line with their risk appetite, and by using lifestyling the level of risk on your client's fund will be reduced as they get closer to retirement. Both of these options are dependent on your client's circumstances remaining unchanged.
  • Robust governance process
    We have a robust governance process and take responsibility for reviewing and monitoring all the investment options.
  • Moody's Analytics
    The governance of the range benefits from the expertise of a leading risk consultancy, Moody's Analytics, who provide input to our Investment Advisory Committee.
  • Online service
    Our online service makes it simple for you and your client to see the lifestyle strategy or portfolio you've set up for them - and it updates automatically whenever our governance review changes any aspect.
  • Genuine added-value
    All this helps you give your clients a genuinely added-value service, while giving you time to see more prospects.

Updated January 2014

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