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Ask A Question

Welcome to the Scottish Life pensions technical support forum.  The forums on this page are here so you can ask any burning questions you might have about pensions to our technical experts, and to your fellow advisers who are popping in and out from time to time.

Before you use the forums please make sure you read the Forum Rules.


Pensions Technical

Our techies' favourite forum.  If you want to discuss what can/cannot be done with a pension, what's allowed and what's not, you've come to exactly the right place.

Other Discussions

If you're not sure where to post your question, post it here.

Need some practice?

If you're new to this forum and you feel you need some practice but you don't want to interrupt other people's conversations, try some posts here.

Suggestions / Problems

If you've any bright ideas about how to make these forums better, or you're having problems with them, post about it here.

A-Day Archive

We've kept all the questions you've asked about A-Day here.  

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