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Self Investments

If you want to be more actively involved in selecting investments for your pension.

Before you can invest in the fund supermarket or any of the other Self Investments, we need to set up a special self-investment bank account for you. We call this the Pension Portfolio Bank Account.

The Pension Portfolio Bank Account is used to purchase investments and to receive the proceeds on the sale of assets and any income generated by the assets held, such as dividends.

You can transfer money from the Core Investments part of your plan and move this to the Pension Portfolio Bank Account. Once in the bank account the money can then be invested according to your instructions.

Fund supermarket

If you're looking for more choice in where to invest your pension savings, you might be interested in our fund supermarket option. This lets you invest in a range of collective investments, including unit trusts and open-ended investment companies (OEICs). You can choose from over 1,000 funds, run by more than 50 different investment companies.

Share dealing

As your financial knowledge and experience grows, you might want to invest some of your pension savings directly in the stock market, rather than through a fund.

Discretionary fund managers

If your plan value is large enough, you can choose from a panel of discretionary fund managers. These specialist investment managers can create a tailor-made investment portfolio just for you.

Other permitted investments

Taking full advantage of the investment flexibility offered by the Pension Portfolio opens up a whole range of additional options, allowing you to invest directly in a number of asset types, including:

  • government bonds (gilts)
  • corporate bonds
  • UK commercial property.


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