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Your auto enrolment questions answered

Q: Who do I have to carry out employer duties for?

Q: Who do I have to pay contributions for?

Q: Are there any individuals who are exempt from employer duties?

Q: I already have a pension scheme in place, do the employer duties still apply to me?

Q: Does automatic enrolment only apply to unpensioned employees and new workers?

Q: How much do I have to contribute?

Q: What constitutes Qualifying Earnings?

Q: Who is treated as the employer for agency staff?

Q: What happens if someone works for more than one employer?

Q: How do the employer duties apply to hourly paid / zero-hour contract / temporary / seasonal / agency workers on short-term contracts who are re-employed.

Q: How are hourly paid /zero-hour contract / temporary / seasonal / agency workers assessed for auto enrolment?

Q: Why would I use postponement?

Q: If I use postponement, how does this affect hourly paid / zero-hour / contract / temporary / seasonal / agency workers on short-term contracts?

Q: Can a worker opt out after the end of the opt-out period?

Q: How do I avoid having to make refunds for individuals who opt out?

Q: If I use NEST am I exempt from the employer duties?

How Scottish Life can help

Q: When will Scottish Life offer automatic enrolment schemes?

Q: What solution do you offer for automatic enrolment?

Q: Will your automatic enrolment solutions allow me to run two contribution structures e.g. qualifying earnings and one of the certification options?

Q: My employees are paid weekly, but I currently aggregate this and submit contributions monthly. Will I be able to continue doing so under automatic enrolment through your new system without breaching the rules?

Q: Will you link to NEST?

Q: Does your solution work alongside a payroll system?

Q: I have a questions relating to automatic enrolment that is not covered here, how can I find out the answer?

Updated December 2013

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