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Investment options

Our innovative range of investment options has been designed specifically with pensions in mind.

Your default investment option

Understandably, many employees are unwilling or unable to make complex investment decisions.

That's why it is important that you select a good 'default' investment option.

Your financial adviser will work with you to select an investment option that is suitable for your workforce as a whole.

What we offer

Our investment approach provides a reassurance for all concerned. We offer a number of solutions, depending on your employees' needs.

For you this means you'll be able to select a sensible 'default' option for those employees who don't want to make investment decisions. For your employees it means a carefully selected range of options to choose from if the default isn't for them.

You'll find a summary of the options below. There's more detailed information in 'Pension investment options - a clear and simple guide'. Investment returns may fluctuate and are not guaranteed, you could get back less than the amount paid in.

Governed Portfolios

Our Governed Portfolios allow employees to invest in a spread of equities, bonds and property while taking into account the length of time they have to save as well as the amount of risk they are prepared to take.

The Governed Portfolios also benefit from our governance process which simply means that we review them regularly. This allows us to make sure that they continue to meet their objectives and are performing as they should - ultimately aiming to give them the best possible returns.

What's more, this service comes at no extra charge.

Lifestyle strategies

The closer you get to taking your retirement benefits the more likely it is that you'll want to reduce the risk to your savings. Our range of lifestyle strategies is designed to help with this.

There are over thirty lifestyle strategies for employees to choose from depending on how much risk they are willing to take. Thirty of these strategies are built using our Governed Portfolios and are designed to suit different attitudes to risk, while the Managed Lifestyle Strategy is based on the three managed funds.

If your employees like the idea of lifestyle strategies but want more choice then they might prefer to invest in a flexible lifestyle strategy. This allows them to build their own strategy using our framework.

In the early years of the plan, they'll aim to provide the potential for maximum investment growth by investing in a higher-risk portfolio. In the later years they aim to reduce exposure to risk by investing in lower risk portfolios. This happens automatically.


We also have a carefully selected range of over 160 funds to choose from. Our in-house funds are managed by our sister company - Royal London Asset Management.

These funds offer opportunities to invest in the UK and overseas and aim to provide consistent long-term growth.

Your employees will also have access to the investment expertise of some of the world's leading investment companies through our range of externally managed funds. Some of these funds carry an additional charge.

Updated December 2013

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