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Will pension be pensioned-off?

Ha!  Is this one of my fun days at work or what?  At the end of a fairly stressful week where the never-ending pensions tour took me on a whizz around Salisbury, Southampton, Glasgow and Perth and where we also found time to record two Pensions Radio podcasts and still managed to keep the BeeHive buzzing (just), I find myself here in London on another wet Friday with time on my hands.

From the piles of paper on my desk I can see that while I’ve been off on my latest lap of the country Ms Bruun has been busily sifting through the many suggestions we’ve had from BeeLiners following my suggestion a couple of Fridays ago that we should come up with a new name for ‘pensions’ (What’s in a word?). 

As I said in that BeeLine we’re not going to choose our favourite suggestion in any scientific way or anything like that.  Basically we’re going for the ones we like the sound of and then we’re choosing one of those as our favourite.  Any of you who have already heard yesterday’s Pensions Radio podcast with Hugh Broom (You don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows…) will know that he may be persuaded to act as our conduit to getting the new word for pensions into the English language.  You’ll also be aware that he may not, but la Bruun’s working on him.

Anyway, leafing through the piles of printed-out e-mails (all helpfully scrawled on in red writing at the top with notes like “This one’ll crack you up”; “This is my current favourite so far”; “Do we get some weirdoes on this site or what?” and similar) I thought now might be a good time to share some of the submissions with you all.  Here are some of the early contenders, all unattributed and in no particular order:

Terf - Tax-Efficient Retirement Fund

Inflipole - Income for life paid on leaving employment

Cashcush From cash cushion

Retinco - From retirement income

Silverstash - Which is neat because it speaks for itself

Super - Not strictly a new word as it’s the Oz shortening of superannuation, but I like it

Lottery - LOng-Term Tax-Efficient Retirement savings for You!

Nilich - Which apparently doesn’t stand for anything

Gerontofund - Fairly self-explanatory

Lazypay - Again, self-explanatory

Suntaxiodoteses - Which is apparently derived from the ancient Greek for ‘pension’, but didn’t come up in our Google search

So, there are a few of the early front runners to let you know what you’re up against.  Please keep the e-mails coming in; that new word’s just got to be out there somewhere hasn’t it?

Have a good weekend and Bank Holiday.

Steve Bee

22 August 2008

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