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Gurus Galore!

I’m so pleased to be able to tell you that my good friend Pádraig Floyd has agreed to come along as our guest on Pensions radio this week.  Pádraig, as you may know, works for FT Business and is the editor of Pensions Management magazine and the editor in chief of Pensions Week magazine.  To give him his full title, in fact, he’s Editor in chief, UK pensions & investment group, Financial Times.  From that you’ll probably be able to work out that he’s been around the pension block a fair bit and knows his way around the subject.

Pádraig and I go back a fairly long way as he’s been the commissioning editor of my long-running column (The Bee Side) in Pensions Management magazine for ages now and we always get plenty of good feedback from BeeLiners whenever we reprint those.  Pensions Week is also the magazine that’s been responsible for bringing the world my Penpushers’ Progress and Pensions Conversations cartoon strips recently as well as the long-running cartoon saga Planet Stakeholder that I drew all those many years in collaboration with David Emery.

From all that you’ll gather that Pádraig shares my view that pensions is a subject that needs a bit of livening up.  We’re continuing that shared quest today in this latest edition of Pensions Radio and I do hope you enjoy listening to it.

Once again, you can get to hear this latest edition by following the link to the Pensions Radio page on the BeeHive and clicking on the ‘play’ button to hear it on your PC.  You can even download the MP3 file from that page if you prefer to play it back later on your PC or MP3 player.  As always, those of you who are trendily up to the minute gizmo-wise can pop along to our very own page on the Apple iTunes Store and, by searching on ‘Pensions Radio’, download this latest episode into your iTunes library from there.  If all that leaves your head spinning and leads to you feeling nostalgic for the old familiar world of the 20th century by the way, you can always listen to Pensions Radio over the telephone by simply dialling 0208 0993190.  The telephone service does come at the cost of a local call, however, and is not free like all the whizzy new-fangled web stuff.  But if, like me, you think nostalgia’s worth paying for I guess you won’t mind that so much.

You’ll be pleased to know that however you choose to listen to Pensions Radio you can vote for us pretty easily on Podcast Alley by simply clicking on that link there.  We get many votes from BeeLiners every month and we’re very grateful for them.  There’s still time too to vote for Pensions Radio in the prestigious European Podcast Award and doing that too couldn’t be simpler; just following that link there’s the way to do it.  Voting in the awards finishes soon, so if you haven’t put your vote behind us so far, now’s the time to do it.  If you do we will, of course, be eternally grateful to you.

Steve Bee

28 August 2008

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