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Saving Private Sector Pensions

You'll have been reading in the press, I'm sure, all about the widening gap between workplace pensions in the private sector and workplace pensions in the public sector.  Well, gap probably doesn't do it justice I guess; chasm maybe.  Whatever.

The newspapers have picked up on all this as it's become a topic that's now openly discussed at the highest political levels.  There have also been some "where will we get the money from?" stories in the press as it's gradually dawned on journalists and their editors that 'pay-as-you-go' probably should read 'pray-as-you-go'.

Ms Bruun reminds me that all this is old hat BeeHive-wise and also points out that my vast stock of cartoon strips include some musings on just this very topic.  Apparently many of you share her enthusiasm for these scribblings so, by popular demand, here's another to add to your growing collection (yes, you guessed it, Joe and Josephine Popular wrote in again!):

Public v Private

Steve Bee

2 December 2008

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