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Money’s too tight to mention

Well, we’re ending this great year of Pensions Radio podcasts with a follow-up interview with Professor Nick Bosanquet of Reform.  The professor and others have put out yet another report on the IPOD Generation (the Insecure, Pressurised, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden offspring of the Baby-Boomers).

Those of you who enjoyed listening to Nick’s earlier Pensions Radio podcast will know already why he’s one of the very few guests we’ve asked to come on our show more than once; every time we see him he gives us enough food for thought to put out a number of half-hour instalments.

I won’t say much about this one in advance except to say that I think every Independent Financial Adviser in the country should listen to it.  My guess is that links to this edition of Pensions Radio will be being sent around listeners’ mailing lists for others to share.  Listen to it; see what I mean and maybe help spread the word.

Listening, as ever, is easy-peasy.  Just click on the link to our Pensions Radio podcast page and when you get there simply hit the cute little button and listen to it there and then.  If that’s too immediate for you, then hit the download button and get an MP3 file whizzed onto your desktop for a future listening treat.  Or do what all the trendy BeeLiners do and go to the Apple iTunes Store, get to our very own Pensions Radio page there and download this and any other edition of Pensions Radio you wish to listen to.  All downloads are free and can be copied from iTunes onto an iPod, Nano or whatever or even copied to CD for playing in the car.  It’s easy to do, but if like me you’re not so hot technically and you can’t find a 12 to 16 year-old to help you, you can always get to hear the latest Pensions Radio podcast over the telephone by simply dialling 0208 0993190 and listening to it right there and then.  There’s a small cost(local call rate) for that service, but, hey, it’s worth it!

However you go about listening to this edition of Pensions Radio I do hope you enjoy it.  It’s almost the end of another great year on the BeeHive and Pensions Radio has been a big part of that.  Next year?  Well, the plan is that it’ll be even better.  Be honest - you wouldn’t expect any less; would you?

Steve Bee

11 December 2008

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