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Anniversary Waltz

Well I can hardly believe it, but it's been a full year since we started our regular Pensions Radio podcasts on the BeeHive.  I don't know about you, but the years go so fast for me lately; probably because I'm getting lazy and I simply don't do enough.

Pensions Radio has become something of a success and I'm so pleased we managed to come up with yet another unique feature for the BeeHive, just when I was beginning to think we'd done about all that we were going to be able to do with it.  Be honest, you still can't get this stuff anywhere else, can you?

The guests that we've had on the podcasts in the first year read like a who's who of pensions and it's worth recording here that every one of them agreed to come and speak because of Ms Bruun's "Well I'll just ring them up and ask them" approach.  Absolutely invaluable!

The guests, in the order they appeared, were:

Nigel Waterson, the Conservative Shadow Pensions Minister.

Gill Wadsworth, who at that time was editor of Pensions Week.

Danny Alexander, who, until yesterday at least was the Lib Dem Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Danny was appointed chief of staff to Nick Clegg yesterday and his replacement as Shadow Secretary is Jenny Willott (We'll try to see if Jenny would like to come along to speak on a future Pensions Radio programme).

Malcolm Small, the Chairman of the Pensions Network.

Lawrence Churchill, the Chairman of the Pension Protection Fund.

Ros Altmann, the famous pension campaigner and ex-adviser to No10

Robin Ellison, the equally famous pension lawyer and ex-Chairman of the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF).

Mike Yardley, the Chief Executive of the Royal London Group and Chairman of the Incentive Group, part of the FSA’s Retail Distribution Review.

Bob Crow, the General Secretary of the RMT Union.

John Jory, the Deputy Chief Executive of the Building and Civil Engineering Scheme.

Chris Grayling, the Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

Alan Pickering CBE, the author of the Pickering Report, ex-chairman of the NAPF and current Chairman of the Life Academy.

Yvonne Goodwin, former IFA of the Year and a well-known media commentator (and fellow Citywire blogger).

Malcolm McLean, the Chief Executive of The Pension Advisory Service (TPAS).

Baroness Hollis of Heigham, former Labour Chief Whip in the Lords and well-known campaigner for women's pensions.

Geoff Tresman, the well-known media commentator and Chairman of Punter Southall Financial Management.

To round the first year off I said that we'd try and do something a bit different (even by our standards) and sure enough la Bruun has pulled off something of a coup.  This BeeLine is to give you a heads-up in advance that this Thursday's Pensions Radio podcast will feature an interview with Dr Aubrey de Grey.  You may have heard of him already, he was all over the world's media a few years back when he announced that the first human being to reach the age of 250 is probably already alive.  Aubrey is a biomedical gerontologist and works out of Cambridge; he's also the Chairman of the Methuselah Foundation.

I guarantee you'll never have heard anything like this next edition of Pensions Radio.  You may wish to check out the Methuselah Foundation's website beforehand to read up on some of the amazing things going on in the field of gerontology that will have a profound effect on all of our lives and, presumably, will turn our current idea of pensions on its head!  There's a link to the site just under this picture of Aubrey that he's kindly allowed us to copy from his Wikipedia entry:


The Methuselah Foundation

Steve Bee

3 June 2008

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