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Something in the air

Hmm!  Do these two-week Pensions Radio slots come round quickly or not?  Here’s this month’s round-up of all things pensions taken directly from the BeeLines on your friendly neighbourhood BeeHive and discussed at length with your man Stephen Ballard.

Our regular Pensions Radio podcast ramblings have become a mainstay of the BeeHive, I’m pleased to say.  It’s been nearly a year now since we first launched our single-handed attempt to clog up the podcast airways with the ever-popular subject of pensions. 

You can get to this 22nd episode of Pensions Radio by clicking on the link here if you like: Pensions Radio.

You can also, as I’m sure you already know, get a free copy downloaded from our very own page on the iTunes store (go there and search on ‘Pensions Radio’) or even listen to it (at a small cost) over your telephone by dialling 0208 0993190.

As usual, we’d be so pleased if you’d vote for us on Podcast Alley if you like this stuff we’re doing.

Thank you.

Steve Bee

8 May 2008

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