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Geoff Tresman on Pensions Radio


Geoff Tresman, as you’ll probably know, is the Chairman of Punter Southall Financial Management.  He’s always on the TV and radio talking about pensions and investments and stuff like that.  We were lucky enough to catch him on a day when he had enough time to record a Pensions Radio show with us and I’m so pleased with the way it’s turned out; I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to it.

Geoff is actually one of the few people I know who owns a Bob Dylan record collection to rival my own, but we did our best not to mention Bob and his songs too much during this recording and stick to pensions instead.  It wasn’t easy, but life isn’t, is it?

As usual you can get to our ever-popular Pensions Radio podcasts by either following the link to the BeeHive Podcasts page where you can either listen to it on your PC or download an MP3 file to listen to later.  Or you can do what all the trendy people do and go to our very own iTunes page at the iTunes store by searching the store on ‘Pensions Radio’.  You can even get a downloadable copy of this latest episode at Podcast Alley if you want; it’s up to you, there’s no right or wrong way of doing this stuff.  Either way the downloads are free of charge, so how good’s that?

But if computers or iPods just aren’t your thing you can still get to hear this latest podcast (for a small charge) over the telephone.  To do that just dial 0208 0993190 and sit back and listen right there and then.

Once again, if you enjoy listening to this latest edition of Pensions Radio please take a few seconds out and pop over to Podcast Alley and vote for us.  We’re really competitive about all that sort of stuff and we really don’t want other financial podcasts knocking us off our top spot.  Every vote counts!  You can get to vote on Podcast Alley by clicking on this link - Vote for us on Podcast Alley.  Thanks in advance for doing that; we do appreciate it.

In two weeks time, by the way, Pensions Radio is going to be one year old!  I know; it seems just like yesterday doesn’t it?  We’re planning something a bit special to mark the occasion, so keep looking in won’t you, we wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Steve Bee

22 May 2008

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