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Make me Smile

Having spent a frantic weekend transferring my files from my crashed computer to it's replacement (stressful or what?) I ended up sorting out all my various cartoon files that basically littered the hard drive of my dead Mac (part of its problem I think).  After many hours I finally managed to get them all catalogued and sorted into neat little files and everything and, inevitably as part of that process, I ended up re-reading loads of them.  The cartoons I draw aren't all about pensions, but the pension ones interest me the most at the moment, particularly now I've been forced to look back on so many years' worth of them.  I know you shouldn't find your own work amusing, or even re-read it, but I have to say some of them made me smile.

I've picked three of them out from each of the three different pension strips I've drawn over the years; one from the Planet Stakeholder series that I produced with David Emery for nearly a decade; one from the Penpushers' Progress strip that followed it; and one from the Pension Conversations strip that has now superseded that.  The drawings have moved on, the humour modifies a little, but the underlying structure of the pension system they're all set within remains bafflingly impenetrable; it's a true constant it seems.



The Planet Stakeholder strip here was from around the time that the pension simplification reforms were going though in 2006 (or rather weren't as it turned out) and the Penpushers' Progress was one of my frequent reaffirmations with readers that, whether they're easy to understand or not, pensions are still so important to us all.  The Pension Conversations strip, drawn on a very wet weekend in a small town near Killarney, reflects on the sad fact that, important as all this stuff appears to those of us in the pension industry, Joe and Josephine Public don't get quite so excited about it all as we do. 


That, of course, could itself lead to further reforms!  As I said, the underlying stuff doesn't change that much.

I hope you enjoy reading the cartoons....

Steve Bee

10 November 2008

Pension Conversations is published weekly in Pensions Week
Planet Stakeholder and Penpushers’ Progress were previously published in Pensions Week.

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