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I heard it on the radio…


Our Pensions Radio podcasts have gone from strength to strength since we launched the whole idea in the summer of 2007.  OK, launched makes it sound like we knew what we were doing; let’s just say we stumbled across the idea.  It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that the podcasts are rocking and rolling along now and we’ve put out thirty-two half hour programmes so far.  I think it’s safe to say that nowhere else will you be able to find so much interesting content dedicated to the fabulous subject of pensions.

Many of the Pensions Radio podcasts feature in-depth interviews with high-profile guests from the world of pensions and we know from your feedback that plenty of BeeLiners not only listen to each episode, but even look forward to them!

We also know that some of you haven’t bitten the bullet and have so far avoided listening to any of them and we’re really worried that you’re missing out on something.  So this BeeLine is a kind of reminder of the content that’s just sitting on the BeeHive podcast page waiting for you to listen to it.

The older Pensions Radio shows can now only be downloaded from the BeeHive as MP3 files, but plenty of the more recent editions can still be listened to at the click of the mouse directly from the BeeHive site.  The ones that you can still listen to in that convenient way include:

10 October 2008 - Chris Grayling on Pensions Radio again!

Hear the views of the Conservative Shadow Secretary of State on the current pension reforms.

(Running time: 27 mins 44secs)

Listen now

Download MP3 file


25 September 2008 - Pensions Radio Round-up

The latest update on the latest BeeLines. Steve Bee and Stephen Ballard take a moment to reflect on pensions developments from August and September.

(Running time: 23 mins 33secs)

Listen now

Download MP3 file


11 September 2008 - Julie Henderson on Pensions Radio

Julie Henderson, online editor of I&PE, discusses the pension changes sweeping Europe that may one day affect us all.

(Running time: 24 mins 47secs)

Listen now

Download MP3 file


28 August 2008 - Pádraig Floyd on Pensions Radio

No FT, no comment!

(Running time: 25 mins 43secs)

Listen now

Download MP3 file


22 August 2008 - Pension Radio round-up

Capital Radio meets Pensions Radio!

(Running time: 30 mins 37secs)

Listen now

Download MP3 file


24 July 2008 - Niki Cleal on Pensions Radio

Academic insights on Pensions Radio.

(Running time: 23 mins 28secs)

Listen now

Download MP3 file


Just clicking the links is all you need to do to listen.  Couldn’t be easier really, and you’ve got the whole weekend coming up…..

Steve Bee

24 October 2008

Any research and analysis has been provided by us for our own purposes and the results of it are being made available only incidentally.