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Future Pensions, Present Politics

Was it two weeks ago already?Yes Iím afraid so.Itís time for your fortnightly dose of Pensions Radio.Donít worry; it wonít hurt.

This edition of Pensions Radio is the thirty-third in the series by the way.I know; itís unbelievable isnít it?I didnít give it much hope of making it to number three let alone thirty-three.Just shows what I know.Hands up whoís listened to all of them.Excellent!House-points all round I think.

Where was I?Oh yeah, Pensions Radio this time features a discussion between yours truly and your man Stephen Ballard (now back from Kazakhstan) on the truly momentous happenings in the world of pensions in the month of October.Weíre pretty much sticking to the political stuff as there was so much of it what with the ministerial changes and the stormy passage of the pensions Bill through the House of Lords.Not only that, but a tiny technical pensions issue came to dominate a PMQ session no less.Not a normal month for pensions no matter which way you look at it.

As usual you can get to listen to this episode of your favourite pension podcast by simply following the link to the BeeHive Pensions Radio page, clicking on the smart little yellow button there and then just sit back and let your computer do the driving.Alternatively you could go to our very own page on the Apple iTunes Store (search on ĎPensions Radioí) and download this and any other of the past editions for free from there.You can then put it on your iPod or MP3 player, make your own CDs to listen to in the car, or whatever.Itís 2008; you choose.

If like me, however, youíre still in 1998 then donít worry, we havenít forgotten about you either.This episode of Pensions Radio can be heard over the telephone by simply dialling 0208 0993190.Thereís a small cost to listening that way, though, as a charge is made for use of the telephony system.

Either way you get to listen to it I hope you enjoy this edition of Pensions Radio brought to you, as ever, by your friendly neighbourhood BeeHive.

Roll on number thirty-fourÖ..

Steve Bee

31 October 2008

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