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Beveridge Revisited

I was reading through a pensions book the other weekend when I came across a quote by Lord Beveridge. Way back in the early 1940s he said that the reforms he was then working on would provide every UK citizen with a basic level of social insurance (including pensions) that everyone would qualify for as a right, or something like that. Further, he said that people would no longer have to suffer the indignity of a means-test.

Wind things on another sixty or seventy years and I guess hed be pretty shocked to hear the ins and outs of this latest debate on pension reform that were involved in during these more modern and enlightened years at the beginning of the 21st Century.

It was after reading that and thinking about the difference between the 1942-1946 period of Beveridge and today that I ended up once more at my drawing board putting some words and pictures together for the Pension Conversations comic strip I produce each week for Pensions Week magazine. The following was the result:


Steve Bee

26 September 2008

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