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FSA - Pensions Switching Advice

Hmm!When we fished this one out of the deepest reaches of the internet ocean this morning I thought weíd got hold of something new on pension transfers from the FSA.We hadnít.The document was published a few weeks ago (on 5th February), but we havenít covered it on the BeeHive up to now.Sorry about that.Itís worth putting that right now though.

You may have seen it elsewhere, but if not I guess all advisers should follow this link to the appropriate part of the FSA website where the issue of pension transfers is covered

Itís worth noting, I guess, that the suitability assessment templates that you can get from links on that page are limited in scope to advice on switches from defined contribution pension schemes to Personal Pensions (PPs) or Self-invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs).

Panic over.

Oh, and by the way weíve just put up a link to a new video of Yours Truly ontoíll find it if you just click on the link there (itís in one of the most recent postings).The video is my attempt at explaining the changes to the Basic State Pension in 2012 in less than a couple of minutes.Apart from the fact that I look like I need a good nightís sleep or a better haircut I think itís a pretty good stab at a tricky subject that isnít that well understood yetÖ

Steve Bee

25 February 2009


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