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Video Killed the Radio Star

I know itís a strange title for a BeeLine, but Iím in a good mood today.Ms Bruunís back from her extended holiday in the Far East and Iíve therefore finally got a hope of sorting out the shambles that has overtaken both my office and my diary since she went off.Itís good to get back to normal.

While we were going through the holiday snaps I mentioned that for the last couple of weeks Iíve been recording some short video pieces for my pals down at Citywire and that theyíve been pretty well received.The two rapid-fire questions that I found hard to answer having brought the subject up were: ďHave you put the links to the videos onto the BeeHive then?Ē and ďWhy not?Ē

So, and without further ado, hereís a link to my latest video blog on Citywire; itís all about means-testing and a radical idea that Iíve had:

Steve Bee

26 January 2009


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