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BeeHive in the Top 20!

Well this year’s hardly begun and we’ve had some good news at the BeeHive already.  We’ve just heard from the Times newspaper that the BeeHive has made it into the paper’s Top 20 list of best British personal finance blogs!

We’re pretty pleased with that as you can probably guess and thought you might be interested to know about it too.  You can get to a page on TimesOnLine and look at the company we now keep – there are some great finance sites there, but it’s good to see that the BeeHive is the only pensions site that’s made the list.

We’re not going to rest on our laurels though; far from it.  There are plenty of new developments underway for the site and now that Ms Bruun’s back at her desk we can get on with them.  Me, I’m still on the road on the never-ending pensions tour; seven gigs so far this month in Leeds, Newcastle, Bishop’s Stortford, Norwich, London and Maidstone and now I’m off to the airport soon to get up to Scotland for this week’s seminars in Glasgow and Edinburgh…

Steve Bee

27 January 2009


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