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New Search Engine on the BeeHive!

Well, hereís a welcome piece of good news.Gavin, our technical wizard and backroom boffin behind the BeeHive, has had a good look at the diodes and wiring and stuff and built us a brand new facility.We get loads of requests all the time asking if we can have a search engine on the site that can trawl through the thousands of old BeeLines weíve got hanging about in the ether there.

After a night or two with the soldering iron, or however you go about doing such things these days, Iím delighted to be able to tell you Gavin has come up with just that.So from today you can use the Ďsearchí box at the top of the BeeHive Home Page to look up anything from the BeeLines archive.

Iíll find that pretty useful myself if Iím being honest.I mean, I wrote them all, but I can never find any of them without hours of looking.Thatís partly because Iíve written so many over the years, but mainly because most of them have obscure titles that Iím sure meant something to me at the time of writing although right now Iíd struggle to say exactly what.

Anyway, try it out for yourself if you get a minute; Iíve been looking up old stuff all morning ever since we plugged it in and got it all fired up - itís fun; much better than playing patience or hangman...

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30 July 2009

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