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Crazy Phasing II

I wrote a BeeLine a little while back called Crazy Phasing. Think of this BeeLine as being sort of Part Two of that one. You'll remember, I'm sure, that the new auto-enrolment duty laid on nearly every employer by these new reforms is now going to be phased-in over a period of many years with the largest employers going first and the smallest employers going last.

Many of you have written in over the last few weeks to ask if we've got any more detail on what that might mean in practice as far as the required levels of employer and employee contributions are likely to be. Well, we do actually. Reproduced here in this very BeeLine is the map of how it's all going to pan out from the First DC Transitional Period, through the Second DC Transitional Period and right up to the Steady State stage of it all.

One for pinning up on the wall I think...


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12 November 2009

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