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Finance Bill summary

Well here it is, our summary of the pensions parts of this year’s Finance Bill. It’s taken us quite some time to get to this stage. Finance Bills aren’t exactly written in a user-friendly style. To be honest they’re almost impossible to translate into English, let alone Plain English.

Still we finally got there and here it is fresh from your friendly neighbourhood website. The whole document is more than 20 pages long. We’re sorry about that, but it really couldn’t be boiled down much more whichever way we tried it, so it’s just about the biggest document we’ve put on the BeeHive so far.

Because of that, and to make it easier for you to read and download we’ve broken it up into five bite-sized chunks as follows:


Lifetime allowance

Taking benefits

Setting up and running a pension scheme

Transitional provisions

You can access each of the five summaries by clicking on the links. Hopefully you will find them both useful and a thoroughly enjoyable read too, and you will then be looking forward to our further stuff we’re planning around examining the practical implications of all these radical changes coming in from April 2006 – there’ll be loads of those over the next few months. No wonder so many ordinary people around the globe just can’t wait to get hold of their next instalment of the BeeHive to keep up with the best soap opera on the planet – The UK Pension System! Surely it doesn’t get any better than this.

Ciao for now ……

Steve Bee
30 April 2004