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Egg on face

Hmmm! It’s one of those days I’m afraid, one of those lives actually, but don’t start me off on that. It had to happen eventually so we chose Wednesday night to send out a BeeLine with a gaffe on it. Sorry about that, and thanks to all of you who picked it up, a revised copy of Wednesday’s BeeLine can be accessed by following the link below.

A-Day FAQs – Protected Rights

The first version of Wednesday’s BeeLine contained the error, but we did manage to reload the correct BeeLine shortly after so some of you may have downloaded the correct one, but earlier doctors probably got the duff one.

The mistake was that I said trivial commutation could occur earlier than age 60, which it can’t. Sorry for the confusion, I probably need to change my medication.

Many of you may also have noticed that the BeeHive site fell over yesterday and many BeeLines could not be accessed. We've been working on that problem round the clock and I'm pleased to say we're now back on air. I don't know about you, but after a week like this I need a drink. Roll on the end of Lent!

Steve Bee

24 February 2006

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