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The pension radar service - volume 1

I don’t know how, much less why, but it came to me in a flash the other day that BeeHive readers would like to have some kind of early warning radar system so they would see some of the pension issues of 2005 coming while they’re still a long way off. Not that it would give anyone any more control over events than we have now, but at least you’d see them coming like I do. So this is it. A few recent rumblings from the Mother of all Parliaments and some press releases that you might like to look at to see what’s going on in the big wide world of pensions - all picked up while out surfing on my travels through pension cyberspace. I’ll do these every week or so for you on a ‘take it or leave it’ basis. If you find them useful let me know. Same if you don’t – I can take it. If nothing else, it will give you a chance to see where journalists get their pension stories from every week!

All the following links should just work if you click on them, but the format of the document for the Early Day motion on Compulsory Pension Contributions means it will only open if you ‘copy and paste’ it into your browser (ask any available teenager if you don’t know how to do that). The parliamentary pages are from Hansard. I’ve directed you to the right page in each case, but you may need to scroll down to get to the bit you want to read.

House of Commons Written Answers

Civil Service Pension Scheme – asked by Lady Hermon

Company Pensions – asked by David Willetts MP (Con)

Early Day Motions

Compulsory Pension Contributions

Press Releases

Age Concern: Employers Must Do More

TUC: Companies should come clean on top pay and pensions

DWP: Pension Minister Urges Employees to Consult Employers Over Pension Options

NHS Employers: Launch of NHS Pension Scheme Review consultation

Steve Bee
18 January 2005

All information included has been produced by us for our own purposes and the results of it are being made available only incidentally.