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Pensions trivia for informaniacs 3

Just when you thought it was safe to read about pensions again, Iíve gone out and found some new pensions trivia to clog up even more of your brainsí available read-only memory for you! This oneís brilliant, though, and should come in handy at quiz nights and the like. Iíve actually come across the name of the Worldís Oldest Pensioner no less, and itís a Mr Habib Miyan.

Mr Miyan lives in the Indian State of Rajasthan and his case was recently reported by the BBC news correspondent in Jaipur.

His age is a matter of some dispute as he hasnít actually got a birth certificate (I know what youíre thinking, itís yet another one of those tall stories about ancient people who canít prove how old they are etc. etc., but read on). He claims that heís 132 years old, but according to his pension book heís only 125. Either way, that makes the Worldís Oldest Living Person at least 10 years younger than him! Thatís not the point though. The thing is heís got a pension book and heís had it for the last 65 years! So heís clocked-up 65 years as a pensioner and that looks like a record worthy of noting on the BeeHive Pension Trivia record.

Extra details for the die-hard trivia buffs among you; official records show Mr Miyan as having been born on 20 May 1878 and when he was a bit younger he was a clarinet player in the Jaipur State Band. His first monthly pension payment, 65 years ago, was only 1.86 rupees, but it has now increased to 1,900 rupees a month, which is equivalent to about £25 I think.

Well, there you have it. If it ever comes up in your local pub quiz, donít forget to send me a cut of your winnings! Cheers!

Steve Bee
28 May 2003

All information included has been produced by us for our own purposes and the results of it being made available only incidentally.