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HMRC Simplification Newsletter #18

Itís all go isnít it?Iíve been meaning to let you know for a while now that the tax guys have put up another issue of their Simplification Newsletter on the web; I know many of you like to print these down and keep them for reference.

Well this oneís number eighteen and in case you havenít seen it yet Iíve put a link to it at the end of this short BeeLine.The topics covered in this particular issue are:

  • Transfers of Unvested Funds
  • Definition of Halls of Residence
  • Trivial Commutation
  • Changes to the Scheme Registration Form for April 2007
  • Accounting for Tax Returns
  • Continuous Service
  • Registered Pension Schemes Manual (RPSM)
  • Enquiries to APSS
  • Pension Schemes Online Enquiries

As youíd expect from other recent issues of this newsletter many of the subjects covered here are getting into the nitty-gritty of how some of these simplifications are actually supposed to work in real life.As we know, things arenít necessarily simple in the simplified tax regime weíre now stuck with.But advisers do need to understand whatís what, so these explanations are invaluable I guess.

The link to the whole thing is here:


Steve Bee

09 October 2006

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