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New Look for the BeeHive!

You’ve probably noticed, by now, that the BeeHive looks a bit different this week.  Look around the site if you like and see how we’ve spruced it up.  What’s happened is that the BeeHive’s very own Girl Friday, Ms Bruun, has been working away with our new web guru, Mr John Hinder, to get the site looking more 21st century than 20th century.  They’ve done that, believe it or not, while following my steer to make the whole thing more 1930s with a kind of pulp fiction feel to it all at the same time.  Not the easiest of creative briefs, I know, but if it was easy anyone could do it I guess and these guys tell me they’re world-class.

I’m really pleased with the way it’s all turned out and I’m pretty excited about the other changes we’re about to make to the BeeHive in the coming months.  In 2008 we’re also hoping to be able to turn the whole thing into an interactive blog where you will be able to post responses directly onto the BeeLines if you want and to read and respond to everyone else’s responses too, thus making the whole thing a hundred times more valuable to everyone I hope and stirring up plenty of debate around the many issues I’m flagging up all the time.  That’s come directly from the comments many of you made to our recent poll on the The BeeHive Homepage (it’s still up and running if you want to add your fourpence-worth) and I think it will make the site even more useful to everyone and it may even eventually become a full-blown pensions forum where great stuff may be not just discussed, but even become a force for change.  Who knows?  Not me, that’s for sure, but I’m looking forward to seeing how this new phase in the BeeHive’s seven-year odyssey turns out.  It’s never been boring and I’m amazed it’s still going from strength to strength after all this time.  We could never have planned for the BeeHive to become as good as it has already, so we’re not going to even try to plan for what it is about to become; we’re just going to look back after a while and see what it ends up like I guess.  It’s the way we’ve done things so far and I don’t know if that’s how you’re meant to do things or if it’s how other websites and blogs develop or not, but if I’m being honest I don’t care what others do really.  This is just how we do it here.  That’s all.

The other thing we’ve done this week that I’m pretty chuffed about is to have built our very own iTunes download page for our Pensions Radio podcasts.  I see Pensions Radio as a big step forward for the BeeHive and it may even lead to other things like live online pension seminars hosted by yours truly with both sound and vision including live hand-drawn graphics!  Can’t promise anything at the moment, but it’s on Ms Bruun and Mr Hinder’s drawing board.  The iTunes download page, though, is up and running today and I’d love for you to go there.  It’s simple to do.  You just go to iTunes, click on the bit in the menu that says ‘Podcasts’ and then type in Pensions Radio.  That’ll take you to our page where you can download all or any of our Pensions Radio podcasts for free straight into your regular iTunes account and listen to them on your iPod if you’ve got one, or your PC or Mac or even burn them straight onto CDs to play back when you’re next travelling somewhere in your car (loads of people tell us they do this already and it sounds to me like a good way of keeping up your regular pension fixes while on the move).

You can, of course, get downloadable files for your MP3 player or PC straight from the Pensions Radio part of the new-look BeeHive, or you can always just hit the ‘listen now’ button on the Pensions Radio page to hear each episode played through your computer without downloading anything.  You can also (in another BeeHive first) even listen to Pensions Radio over the phone (08456856078) utilising our fabulous Phonecast technology.  Again, all the details are on the spruced up and refurbed Pensions Radio page on the BeeHive.

While we were developing all this, in fact, I got so caught up on the idea of putting Pensions Radio broadcasts onto CDs for playing back during what would otherwise be boring car journeys, that we’re seriously looking at publishing some compilation CDs to promote Pensions Radio.  When we do that I’ll let you know and we’ll let you have a free copy if you want one. 

The central thing about the BeeHive won’t be changing though.  It never has in fact.  What we’ve been about and what we’ll continue to be about is shining a light on the murkier corners of our pensions world so that anyone who’s interested in pensions can see what’s going on all the time.  It’s a funny job, but someone’s got to do it.

Steve Bee

18 October 2007



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