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Important speech by Adair Turner

Adair Turner, the head of the Pensions Commission, made what I think was an important speech to the TUC Congress today.I think itís one of the most interesting and relevant things Iíve heard anyone say about pensions for a long time now and it gives me a great deal more confidence that the Commissionís report when it is released on November 30th will start the sensible debate on pensions that we so badly need.I know you know itís not like me to say things like that, so I guess youíll know I mean it.

The speech puts the demographic upheavals we are facing into stark and realistic terms and explains the problems we encounter with the contentious issues of means-testing, later retirement and increased compulsion if we donít properly understand what we are looking at.Itís good stuff and I think every BeeHive reader would benefit from reading the full text.

I had hoped we would be able to reproduce the full text of the speech here, but that has not proved possible.However, through the efforts of our political lobbyists, the Jackson Consultancy, I am happy to say we are able to provide a link to the full text of the speech.(Ralph and Steve W Ė thanks for that!)

If you would like to read it you can get to it by following this link:

Adair Turner's speech to the Trades Union Congress

Itís a pdf file that you can print down and is only†six pages long.

Steve Bee

14 September 2005

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