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A rose by any other name...

You'll never guess what Iíve just found out, so I'll tell you. A ten-gallon hat, you know, the type cowboys wear, well, guess what? It only actually holds six pints, that's what. I mean, whoíd have thought that? Itís true, though. I read it on the internet. I found out a load of other strange things too. For a start it turns out that French Fries arenít French at all, theyíre Belgian. Also, Great Danes (those big dogs) have got nothing to do with Denmark. Theyíre German actually. Rice paper is a bit odd too. Basically, it hasnít got any rice in it, not even one grain. Koala bears are not bears, nor are mountain goats, goats. Theyíre antelopes, mountain goats, that is, not koala bears, which are marsupials.

While Iím at it, Iíll add the fact that prairie dogs arenít dogs either, theyíre rodents. Catgut is a funny one too, it doesnít come from cats after all, it comes from sheep. And if youíve never eaten Bombay Duck because you donít like the thought of eating the cute multi-coloured feathered guys you feed in the park, donít worry about it because its actually a dried fish. On the other hand, if youíre allergic to fish, donít order Bombay Duck unless you want a nasty reaction.

I also found out that the horned toad is in fact a lizard and that silk worms are not worms. Nor are fireflies, flies. But the one that really got me was this. It turns out that Guinea Pigs are not only not pigs, but theyíve got nothing to do with Guinea either. And thatís my point really, the language appears to be breaking down all over and it really does make it difficult to understand whatís going on sometimes. I mean, where will it all end? The next thing you know someone will be telling us that our new simplified pensions system isnít going to be simple at all.....

Steve Bee

First published in Pensions Management, April 2004