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Getting twitchy about the Pensions Bill

Well, I’ve just read the funniest thing in the newspaper this morning. Get this, right. Evidently a really rare Norwegian robin recently landed in Britain, but got eaten by some birdwatcher’s cat. I mean, how good is that?

Basically, this bird hasn’t been seen on these shores for at least five years and it’s the sort of sighting every birdwatcher dreams of.

Finally, one of these little guys makes the 400 mile trip from Norway in one go, which experts calculate would have taken at least 15 hours of solid flying, only to get eaten while he’s taking a breather to get his second wind.

The thing that gets me, though, is that the guy who owns the cat is the same person who reported the sighting to the British Trust for Ornithology in the first place. So he’s not just any old birdwatcher. What I can’t understand is, why would anyone that keen on birds own a cat in the first place? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Anyway, all this also got me thinking about the occupational Pensions Bill we are all so eagerly awaiting. These don’t come around very often either.

In fact, we haven’t had a Pensions Bill for over eight years now and we’ve all been looking out for this new one with all the dedication of birdwatchers and the like.

First we thought we’d see it last Autumn. Then word went round we’d see it by Christmas, but now we can only hope it will turn up by Easter.

What worries me is that the first person to see it, when it finally pops up, will also be a cat owner. I mean, how unlucky would that be? God only knows when we’d get another one.

Quite frankly, the way our luck’s going with pensions lately nothing would surprise me.

Let’s just hope I’m worrying about nothing...

First published in Pensions Management, February 2004