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Our innovative range of investment options is designed specifically with pensions in mind.

Our investment options

Governed Range

Our governed portfolios allow employees to invest in a spread of equities, bonds and property while taking into account the length of time they have to save as well as the amount of risk they are prepared to take.

Lifestyle strategies

There are a range of lifestyle strategies for employees to choose from depending on how much risk they are willing to take. The building blocks of the strategies are made up of our governed portfolios. Alternatively employers can build their own lifestyle strategies using our framework.

Fund range

Our carefully selected range of over 160 funds include in-house funds managed by Royal London Asset Management and externally managed funds from some of the world's leading investment companies.

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A robust review process covers all our investment options and comes at no extra cost.

Investment partners

We give your employees the opportunity to invest with some of the world's leading investment managers.

BlackRock Aquila Global Equity Index (60:40)

We've made a change to the benchmark and investment aim of this fund.

Updated 16 April 2013

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