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All about pensions

Find out what a pension is
- and why having one is
such a smart move.

How do you see your future after you retire? Will you be enjoying life to the full or just getting by?

We've created these quick guides to tell you why putting money into any pension plan is sensible. Saving out of your income now helps create an income for you when you've retired.

Our quick guides:

  • Why do you need a pension?
    When the time comes for you to retire, the State pension will be just about enough to cover the necessities. No money to go anywhere or do anything. What you need is a plan - a pension plan.
  • Will your State pension be enough?
    We tell you why that simply won't be true for most of us. The income provided by the State is no more than a safety net, designed to give you a minimum standard of living.
  • Investing your money
    Deciding how and where to invest your money will have a big impact on the income you get when you retire.
  • Accessing your pension
    Find out what options are available to you when you're ready to start taking your money.
  • Frequently asked questions
    We've answered the most common questions we get asked about pensions.

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