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Our investment options
help to provide
the best opportunity
to grow your retirement savings.

Our investment options

Governed Range

Our nine Governed Portfolios help you select the right balance of investments without having to pick individual funds.

Lifestyle Strategies

Our range of Lifestyle Strategies help to reduce the risk to your savings the closer you get to taking your retirement benefits.

Fund range

If you want to pick your own funds we offer a carefully selected range of over 160 professionally managed investment funds to choose from.

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What is your attitude to risk?

Everybody's view of risk is different. Some people are comfortable with the risk of losing money while others are naturally more risk averse.

Your questions answered

Whether you want to select a ready-made investment or pick your own funds, you should consider several points first.

The UK Stewardship Code

This is a set of principles introduced to encourage engagement between investment managers and investors in order to improve corporate performance.

BlackRock Aquila Global Equity Index (60:40)

We've made a change to the benchmark and investment aim of this fund.

Last update 24 June 2013

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