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Pensions for individuals

We want to help you enjoy financial freedom in your later years.

All about pensions

Why do you need a pension?

A pension is the only way to save that's designed specifically with retirement savings in mind.

What will the State give you?

It would be nice to think that we will receive a generous income from the Government when we retire.

Investing your money

Find out how your contributions are invested to build up a sum of money.

Accessing your pension

How you can use your retirement savings to provide you with a regular income.

Introducing Pension Portfolio

Adapting to your lifetime needs

Pension Portfolio can evolve as your personal circumstances and aspirations change - it's really a plan to suit you for the rest of your life.

Income Release

Income Release lets you decide when and how often you want to access the money you've saved and how much you'll need. And, what's more, you don't have to stop working to use it.

Other pensions

We also offer a range of specialised individual pension plans. These include our stakeholder pension plan, executive pension plan and section 32 buy out plan.

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